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Nutrino is a revolutionary platform that gets to know you and your personal biochemistry, then uses that information to determine the best fuel for the unique high-performance machine called you

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A special treat for moms to be, powered by Watson
Powered by IBM Watson, Nutrino’s Pregnancy Center combines our nutrition insights platform with Watson's natural language and deep Q&A capabilities to offer personalized meal recommendations and 24/7 nutritional guidance to women who are expecting. They can ask Watson a question from a list of FAQs or pose their own nutrition query and receive an answer they can trust immediately.


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We’re all different. But until now, the field of nutrition didn’t acknowledge that simple fact. Why “until now”? Because now there’s Nutrino. Nutrino scientifically determines the best foods for you as an individual. It takes into account your lifestyle, your health goals, your food preferences and eating habits, your unique biochemistry… everything that makes you, you. It pulls in data collected by wearables to get to know you even better. Then it takes all this information to devise the perfect fuel for the high-performance machine called you. Nutrino even helps you make whatever changes you have to make to put these recommendations into effect.