Nutrino answers the pressing question of "what should I eat?"



Ask Nutrino to plan your next meal, and it will take into account your goals, taste, health and lifestyle to tell you what the ideal food for you is.


Did you grab something off your menu? Log it and Nutrino will take it into consideration.

Health Coach

Having a hard time eating healthy? Nutrino includes a health coach that will keep you on track.

Nutrino features

Health News

Stay informed about the latest in nutrition research, and Nutrino will allow you to incorporate it into your diet.


Connect to fitness apps & wearable devices and receive your optimal food plan based on your activity, sleep and biomarkers.

Grocery list

Build your shopping list with Nutrino's recommendations to have your shopping cart full of the food that your body would love.

Nutrino Smart

What makes Nutrino unique?

Nutrino provides you with a personalized meal plan that will allow you to achieve your health goals. Science-based, in real-time, and personalized to your needs.

  • Want to lose a few pounds for the summer? Nutrino will help you get to your target weight.
  • Finished exercising and not sure what to eat? Nutrino will suggest the ideal meal for you.
  • Have a food allergy or special dietary needs? Stop worrying about what you can or cannot eat, and let Nutrino take care of that for you!
  • Not sure what to eat to gain muscle mass? Nutrino will take into account your workout routine and guide you through the correct food choices.

What is Nutrino all about?

Nutrino was created to solve a problem we all suffer from. We call it the problem of ‘conflicting nutritional advice’.

Every year hundreds of new nutrition studies are published, often contradicting one another. We constantly face a lot of confusing and conflicting nutritional advice, making the question “what should I eat?” very baffling. The consequences of this problem are enormous, as most of the leading causes of death in developed countries are nutrition-related diseases.

Our goal is twofold:

  • Provide you with the best knowledge currently available in nutrition through our Nutrino app.
  • Use the data gathered by the Nutrino app to allow researchers from around the world to find answers to all the pressing questions about food and how it affects your body.

This way with your help we can conduct the biggest study on nutrition in history! Don’t worry, any data used for research will only be used anonymously, so your data is safe with us. Moreover, any new findings from our research will be incorporated back into the Nutrino app, so that you too can enjoy the most advanced knowledge available.

Smart Nutrition


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