Nutrino announces partnership with Abbott and launches Android app for people living with Diabetes

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Nutrino, ( announces the collaboration with the LibreLink1,2application, designed for Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system. Nutrino’s FoodPrint™ app allows people living with diabetes to receive an individualized picture of how daily food and lifestyle habits affect their glucose levels. The new collaboration will enable people who use the LibreLink app with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system, to sync their glucose data with Nutrino’s FoodPrint app. The round-the-clock nutrition companion helps users to identify glucose trends, modify their meals, and receive personalized food suggestions.

“Our collaboration with Abbott represents an important step in offering FoodPrint to people living with Diabetes worldwide.”

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The LibreLink app is available in more than 10 European countries including Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, Nutrino has announced a fully-supported Android version of the FoodPrint app, previously available to only iOS users. This advancement marks a significant step in reaching more of the diabetes population, inviting new users to benefit from the improvements the FoodPrint app brings to diabetes management.

The first version of Nutrino’s FoodPrint app was launched at the 2016 American Diabetes Association conference in order to help people living with diabetes manage and understand their glucose levels. The nutrition-oriented decision support system let users see how specific foods affected their glucose levels, emphasizing which foods sent them out of glucose range and which foods kept them in range. The FoodPrint app for Android, with the addition of glucose data from the FreeStyle Libre system through LibreLink app, reflects integrated feedback of users who have been using the product for the past year.

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre system removes the need for routine finger pricking3 to get a glucose reading for people with diabetes, and provides them with their glucose values including trend arrows and their last eight hours of glucose history. FreeStyle Libre users who are also using the LibreLink app can unlock more of the value from this data by syncing food, activity, sleep, and health data coming from the FoodPrint app, allowing them to further contextualize their readings. Users also benefit from the many other features Nutrino provides, such as customizable diet plans, day-by-day meal planning, as well as suggestions.

“At Abbott, we are continuously looking at ways to improve the diabetes management experience for the patient,” says Joel Goldsmith, senior director of Digital Platforms, Diabetes Care, Abbott. “Our collaboration with Nutrino is another step in that direction that will provide our customers the opportunity to integrate their glucose data with a nutrition-based app.”

In addition to glucose monitoring, the FoodPrint app also connects with and draws data from other wellness devices and activity trackers such as Google Fit, Runkeeper, Moves, Jawbone, Withings and Fitbit. Because the FoodPrint app offers features that are both diabetes-related and health-oriented, the user is able to manage their overall wellbeing with a more holistic approach.

“We are excited to extend our offering to Europe and to support Android users and LibreLink users,” said Dr. Yaron Hadad, Co-Founder of Nutrino. “Our collaboration with Abbott represents an important step in offering FoodPrint to people living with Diabetes worldwide.”

The beta Android App is available free of charge, for a limited time. To download the FoodPrint Android beta app for Diabetes, please visit

Please note: Nutrino is intended to help you understand your individual response to certain foods so that you can maintain a healthy diet. It should not be used as a basis for insulin dosing decisions or for trending and tracking of glucose monitoring device data. It does not provide current, real-time glucose information. For specific review of glucose data, only the glucose device itself or the manufacturer’s supporting software should be used.

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