What problem does Nutrino solve?

While there is a wealth of nutritional information available, it is still extremely difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The excess of conflicting nutritional advice makes diet planning and execution very challenging. Online solutions include “one size fits all” diet websites and tedious nutrition tracking apps. The traditional nutrition field is ripe for disruption in the personalized diet planning and execution models.

How much does Nutrino cost?

Nutrino for iPhone is available to download for free from the App Store globally now. The free version of our app allows users to easily log food, exercise, medication from our extensive databases and track these measures according to goals, taste preferences, and dietary needs. The users also receive access to personalized daily health tips. Users can also purchase premium access to features such as a personalized meal planner, custom diet options, full recipe browser, suggestions on healthy dishes from nearby restaurants that are all based on dietary needs, allergies, and health goals. The price for premium is $7.99/month, $17.99 for three months, or $39.99 per year. We believe healthy eating should be available to everyone, and would like to make our product easily affordable.

Who gets to see the data?

We collaborate with researchers from around the world to find answers to all the pressing questions about food and how it affects your body. This way with your help we can conduct the biggest study on nutrition in history!

Don’t worry; any data used for research is used anonymously, so your data is safe with us. Moreover, any new findings from our research are incorporated back into the Nutrino app, so that you too can enjoy the most advanced knowledge available.

Visit our privacy policy link for more information (https://nutrino.co/privacy-policy/)

Do you have an Android version?

Yes, we do and it is available in the Google PlayStore.

How does Nutrino work?

Nutrino gathers information from different wearable devices and platforms as well as user generated content to calculate an optimal food intake for an individual. The result is a recommendation engine that guides the user throughout the day.

What makes you an authority in nutrition?

Nutrino was created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in Nutrition.  We have also been working hand-in-hand with several non-profit organizations.

Our mission is to communicate science-based information about nutrition to the public. Our network includes nearly 400 health professionals, nutrition researchers and registered dietitians.

Together we created the most advanced food recommendation platform in the world with the goal of making the latest knowledge in nutrition available for everyone with no need of any prior knowledge. In fact, the recommendations provided by Nutrino are always stricter than the guidelines of the USDA and the NHS.

What kind of diet does Nutrino follow?

Nutrino does not recommend any particular diet on the market. Instead, it is based on health principles that are supported by the biggest studies in nutrition currently available, and may vary depending on your personal goal and medical profile. In particular, the meal plan created by Nutrino helps you achieve your goal while giving you the health benefits of a balanced diet.  This assists you to live healthier in a sustainable manner, so you can enjoy the benefits of using Nutrino in the long term as well.

What feedback are you getting from users?

The Nutrino pilot app was launched April 2013 and the feedback from users has been impressive. People are surprised that they can receive personal food recommendations tailored to their lifestyle. This has helped them improve their eating habits and achieve their health goals.

  • Jesper Wilhelmsson

    I have set the Nutrino app to use metric units but still all foods has these weird units like ounces and cups etc. Most of the ingredients only have grams as the metric unit which is fairly hard to estimate. It would be a lot easier to estimate the mass of the ingredients in a dish using liter.
    Besides that it seems like a decent app but I only used it a little since it is impossible to enter the stuff I eat as I don’t have a scale with me to weigh the food during the days.

  • Will Strafach

    Greetings. How can I contact your security team privately?