Why is wholesome awesome? A short history of whole grains

It is well known that whole grains are healthier than white grains. So how come foods based on white grains (like white rice or white bread) are more common and typically cheaper than whole grains?

With the industrial revolution, new ways of refining grains were discovered. By removing the bran, husk and germ of whole grains they turned into white grains. This seemed like a great idea at first: white grains have longer shelf life and may look more appealing. When white grains were first introduced, their high price made them available for high-income families only. This turned the consumption of white grains into a status symbol, and when their price eventually dropped everybody switched to white grains.

However, in the refinement process, many essential nutrients are lost. As the popularity of white grains increased, a worldwide epidemic of B-vitamin deficiencies spread.

Today we know that whole grains are significantly healthier than white grains. So whenever you can choose between whole grains and white grains, always go for the whole grains: whole wheat bread, brown (whole) rice, whole wheat pasta and more!

Don’t forget: wholesome is awesome!