How much soy is too much?

The recommended amount of soy consumption per day is a controversial issue. Different studies and organizations recommend different amounts. Should we avoid soy altogether? Or perhaps a little bit of soy is good for you? Or can we consume as much as we would like? How much soy is too much?

To find the answers watch this 2-minute video from

What is one serving of soy? [7]

Soy yogurt – 1 cup

Tofu – 3 ounces

Soymilk – 1 cup

Edamame – 1/2 cup

Soy “burger” – 1 patty

Tempeh – 3 ounces

Soy pasta – 1/2 cup (cooked)

Soy nutrition bar – 1 bar

Soy nuts, roasted – 1/4 cup

Soy breakfast patty – 2 patties

Meatless soy crumbles – 1/3 cup

Soy chips – 1 bag

Soy nut butter – 2 Tbsp



Video courtesy of Dr. Michael Greger and


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