The True Cost of Eating Out

The convenience of the modern day food industry has made eating out the default meal choice for most Americans. There’s no denying it’s easy to trade in a home-cooked meal for a quick takeout option, especially if time is your only consideration. But what about considering the nutritional benefits of home-cooked meals compared to restaurant dishes? Read more here to find out why, despite the growing availability of “healthy” takeout options, cooking at home may be the missing ingredient in a healthy diet.

So, what else is worth considering when confronting this daily dilemma? The cost of eating out, of course. Turns out it can be up to 325% more expensive to eat a meal at a restaurant than to prepare food at home. Check out the following infographic from Investment Zen to find out how much this convenience is truly costing you, in case you needed that extra bit of motivation to throw on your apron and get cooking.

The True Cost of Eating Out Instead Of Cooking At Home