What is the problem of conflicting nutritional advice?

How often do you read a nutrition section in a newspaper or a magazine to discover a study that tells you to eat exactly the opposite of other studies you heard about? Think about it, every day we get different conflicting nutritional advice that make healthy eating confusing and baffling. Eat meat, don’t eat meat. Drink milk, don’t drink milk. Eat eggs, don’t eat eggs. Eat 6 meals a day, eat 3 meals a day. Eat low fat, eat low carb, eat low calories, eat low protein. Eat like a caveman. Eat vegetarian… And the list just goes on!!

To date, there are about 700 different diets [1]. Some of them are fad diets that were created to help people lose weight, while many of them actually claim to be the only healthy way to eat. The health sections of bookshops are overwhelming with diet books, most of which contradict one another. On Amazon alone there is more than 24,000 books in the nutrition category! Search for the word ‘diet’ in Google and you’ll get more than 100 million results.

Confused? Who isn’t?!

This is what we call the ‘problem of conflicting nutritional advice‘. The problem of conflicting nutritional advice affects each and every one of us, as figures on nutrition-related diseases are staggering. Obesity is constantly on the rise, and is the leading preventable cause of death in the world today. In western countries cancer, heart attacks and strokes are our three biggest killers [2]. Together they kill more people than all other causes of death combined. Yet thanks to science we know that in most cases, these deaths are preventable by smart nutrition.

The problem of conflicting nutritional advise has a lot to due with the obesity epidemic in the U.S.

Obesity in the U.S

The problem of conflicting nutritional advice also has enormous economical consequences. In the U.S. alone obesity and type 2 diabetes cost the healthcare more than $1 billion every day [3,4]. It is estimated the North Americans spend more than $50 billion annually on diet products and self-help books or videos [5]. Even worst, about 4,000 lives are lost due to obesity every day [4]…

Nutrino was founded to solve exactly this problem of conflicting nutritional advice. Our mission is to help people everywhere eat healthier. We are here to educate you about what smart nutrition really is.

It turns out, however, that there are still many things mankind doesn’t know about nutrition. This is a significant part of the problem.

We aim to use the technology of the Nutrino app to conduct the biggest study in history and put an end to the problem of conflicting advise. Stay tuned to how with your help we will make this happen! In the meantime, download our iPhone app, an Android version is coming soon!


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