What’s Wrong with our Food System According to an 11 Year Old

food system

The food industry separated us light years away from the good old personal relationship we had with the food we eat. From fresh, organic and locally grown food that we used to consume just a few decades ago, we now have to recognize the food we eat by the color of the boxes in the grocery store. Organic food is typically more expensive, and in many cases the food was flown to our local grocery store from another country, sometimes even a different continent.

Unless you belong to the small group of privileged individuals who can still enjoy the rich flavors of food recently harvested from your own backyard, most likely you deserve healthier and more natural food than what you get. A revolution is in the making and all of us should be taking a part in it.

Watch this fantastic 5-minute talk by the 11 year old Birke Baehr about some of the problems of our food system.